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Saurian Starhost

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Having convinced my friends to drop 40K for Grimdark Future, I'm thinking it behooves me to provide a bit more variety than just my Ethiopian based Human Defense Force (AKA Imperial Guard (AKA Astra Militarum)).  Despite kind of wanting to buy some minis from my FLGS none of the GW or even Mantic options really spoke to me and instead I've decided to to One Page Rule's own Saurian Starhost (AKA Dinooooooos in Spaaaaace).


Here is my first test model.  I'm thinking of going with a very pale green scheme for the armor and letting the scale colors of the Saurians vary from unit to unit.  IMO the addition of armor makes it tricky to pull off anything very impressive as far as scale patterns so I think I'll keep it pretty simple.




One problem is that they suffer from Space Marine syndrome:  The size and placement of their weapons means that you almost have to paint the mini with their arm detached.  Add to that the fact that printing out batches of minis on a printer is similar to buying them and then cutting all the bits off the sprue without reading the instructions or matching them up and things might get interesting.

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