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I use one of the following infantry compositions typically:


A) With FA-45 and AA-52

B) With 2 AT-23

C) With 1 Grenade Launcher

D) Standard AP-11 Rifles


Obviously, it depends on the mission... (that's so cliche isn't it). However, I can say that I've personally not bothered with mortars. I'm a big fan of CAV's and aircrafts so infantry play a limited role in my force.

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I'm a big fan of 3 x infantry with G11 rifles and 1 Hedgehog APC. It's around 200 points for the full section, so I can fit it in almost anywhere.


Another combo I like is 2 x infantry with AP-23 missiles and 2 x Fenri. Lots of missile joy :B): .


Something I want to try is 2 x infantry with FA-45 and 2 x vindicator. Time for some chunky salsa. ^_^


The basic rule of thumb I use is to choose my hunting target (CAVs, infantry, aircraft, etc), give the infantry a suitable weapon to fight it, and then choose an APC with a similar weapon. APCs are important due to infantry's slow movement and short range of their weapons. Crunchies fair better without an APC, they can at least keep up with a Rhino.

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