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Frostgrave Necromancer

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1 hour ago, Magic Lantern said:

I love the subtlety of your palette here. I liked him more with every picture

Thanks! I painted him for a little competition Northstar is putting on. I was hoping he'd look a bit different than the average run of necromancers out there.

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47 minutes ago, snitchythedog said:

Well done.  You know they are running a painting competition with this model?  If you have not seen it it is listed on the Northstar Magazine page. 

Whole reason I painted it. I'm not typically a threat to win this sort of thing, but it was a fun excuse to paint a wizard.


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On 3/25/2023 at 9:15 PM, Ganryu Kojiro said:

Painted up this necromancer from Northstar. All Reaper paints, chiefly retro emerald, carbon gray, ginger cookie, ebony flesh, and maggot white (happy to discuss particular color groups in more detail). The base was from Dragon Forge and really seemed to work well with this character.


Overall, I love this sculpt. It has about a million different elements that can be embellished, from the bottles to the bald head that invites freehand, the cloak, and the huge amount of jewelry.


Comments and criticism are welcome.









very unique. the colors are killer!

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