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Female half orc rogue/assassin


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A 3D printed figure i finished up yesterday.  It's a  freebie that got thrown in an order image because she was damaged and some of the detail on her is a little soft (particularly her face). The pouch on her right thigh is sculpted from green stuff to cover up a broken crossbow hanging off her belt.

She may not be perfect,  but I enjoyed working on her.











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4 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

For Lord of the Rings orcs random face miscasts would be a feature, not a bug.  

Nice rescue and paint job on this one.

That's exactly what I was thinking when I decided to paint her as a half orc.


2 hours ago, haldir said:

First off, nice work & recovery. I love the skintone.


Second, do you know the maker?

I think she's made by bite the bullet, but wouldn't swear to it.


21 minutes ago, Nial ap Morai said:

Can never have too many orcs, good job!



Thanks, guys.

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