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Whatever happened to Increasing Hostilities League

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I was thinking that the person who said they were putting this together was going to have it done by now. I really liked the idea of having the scenarios build to increase the models one ownes at the same time. Anyone know the status?? I think it was Erion's baby.

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By way of an update --


I'm two weeks past preparing and running a BIG GW (probably 20 people participated on two tables) event for the owner of the FLGS. Then I took a little 'me' time where I did pretty much nothing except play City of Heroes.


For the last couple of nights have been working on putting the finishing touches on this and getting it out for you guys to see. I still need to re-create a couple of the scenario maps thanks to some madness XP service pack 2 inflcited on my system, That's only a couple of hours work, since I did manage to save most of my template files. Then I have to finish up the closing fluff, then give it a final once-over for spelling/grammar. I'm shooting for bringing the files to work on Monday to compact them into a PDF, and I'll try to post the PDF Monday evening for you all to see.

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Yes he still has it. No I haven't seen him around in a while. He started dropping in a couple months ago, said he was gonna get back into CAV, then dropped of the planet again.


We (Mil-Net) were actually working on Increasing Hostilities last summer. We were re-writing it for CAV 2 and were gonna release it as our first product. But then we got sidetracked w/the rules errata stuff after RCon and after Erion left a month or so later, we didn't feel right using his stuff w/out him. That's when we shifted gears to Shards.

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I still drop in from time to time.


I'm waiting for a printed CAV2 rulebook before I do anything. Even with the release of the '74 Vanquisher I can't convince people Reaper is committed to the game with a physical rulebook still MIA more than a year after the pdf was released.

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