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First Chibi - Small World Lysette (77719)

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I'm trying to step out a bit, and I felt like doing something with big eyes would be a welcome break!  I'd like to enter something in the Chibi contest at ReaperCon, although looking through last years entries leaves no illusions about winning anything - there were some absolutely jaw dropping figures in there.  


Anyways, I've been trying to apply more of the lessons from Anne Foersters tips, and I think it's helping my blending considerably.  I still can't decide how much lighter to go with the hair, it's just at first level, and I'm toying with pushing it up to something like a snow shadow.  Anyways, I'd love to hear comments, criticisms, suggestions on color palette and the like!  

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Update.  I’m getting happier with the overall look, although I still need to get the doo-dads hanging from her belt.


I’m not thrilled with the crystal in her staff.  I think it came out alright, but it disappears into the overall composition.  It kills me to think about re-doing, but I think it needs to be redone in something brighter (teals) or brighter and contrasting (magenta).  
AA4D4E2F-1B48-4CBC-9590-1F3DCD8F0BD1.jpeg.bcf7d7784d979a34a36c7c6b0dc112ea.jpegThoughts, suggestions?  

I never expected to enjoy painting a chibi, now I’m thinking I may add both sets from Bones 6 to my pledge!

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I think the shadows on her hair need to go even darker.  Things get distracting on the back... blue, yellow, green, teal, orange.... the color scheme is all over the place.  The hilt of the sword needs more brown if it's meant to look gold, right now it says "yellow" to me.   I would do the crystal in her staff in yellow or pink to separate it from her hair. 



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Okay, she’s been sitting on the back of the shelf for a while, staring at me with her gentle but accusing Chibi eyes, so I got back at it.  I’ve intensified a lot of the shading, updated the crystal and futzed with the hair.  The sword is in the middle of a rework, but the hilt is showing a little progress.  I think the sheath is going to have to be reworked, the color just doesn’t play well.  As always comments and criticisms are welcome!




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