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Does a Mini Aussie count as a mini?


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So I was at Michael's and stumbled on this little craft paint ceramic dog figure.  I couldn't get over how it reminded me of my dog.  I had to get it.


I primed it in black and started to do my work. 


I wasn't sure how I'd make this work, but doing most of the work with a big dry brush and scaling down each layer ended up working great. 


I can't even describe how happy I am with this stupid little project, but I love it! 




This is my actual dog (model)



And here's what I started with. 





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First of all that is a lovely personalized ornament.  well done. 

Did you have a mini Aussie of a full sized one? 
Mini aussies recently had to change their name - although to what is still in question. 

My family raises pure-bread Australian Shepherds - and when you are training them as working dogs you have to pass trials in Cow, Sheep , and Ducks. 

There is already an Australian Cattle dog, and Australian Shepard. 


but there is no Australian duck dog.  yet. 

the breed formerly known as mini-ausssies should by all rights be called  Australian duck dogs


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@Evilhalfling my little guy is a Mini Aussie.  I think the term Aussie is somewhat misleading too since it's an American breed.  What I can say is this little dude is easily the best dog I've ever had.  Mindful, smart, and tremendous family companion.  Thankfully I have a workplace that allows dogs, so training and bond with him has been great as he's with me all the time.  The downside to that is I've become "that guy."  Oh, you want to go lunch?  Is there outdoor seating and dog friendly?  Oh, we're going on a trip?  Can I drive it so my dog can be with me?  It's sad.  I never thought I'd be the guy with the dog, but he's my best buddy and everywhere I go, he goes.  I don't do the grocery store or malls with him.  Only outdoor places and where a dog should be.    


My wife's classroom should recognize this new little trinket immediately since she has a few pictures of him around her office and the kids will love it.  


I was very happy with how it came out.  Plus I learned some new color combos that are awesome.

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