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Dried Micron Pigma pen


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I remember when my textas used to dry up back in the old days...

Depending on whether or not it was just the nib that was dry, i would blow really hard in the top end of the pen to push the ink down. That would usually work and make a nice mess while I was at it.


If the actual pad thingy inside the pen is dry, though, it would need liquid to ressurrect it. Are micron pens waterbased? I havent actually read the side of mine...

You could dry dropping a drop or two of water or thinner or some such in the top end of the pen.

That said, I dont even know if micron pens have the absorbant pad thing inside the tube, or if its a metal ink holder thingamajig. Ive never opened one to check.


Either way, its dead, so you may as well fiddle around :D

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