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Reaper ROCKS!

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This is how cool Reaper is guys, for anyone who doesn't know. Back in '99, I was looking for a particular Special Edition mini (The Druid's Stone) that Reaper had made. However, I couldn't find one as there were no dealers nearby. So, I wrote to Reaper inquiring of this fine model that I had seen in a magazine. Now, this was near Christmas time when I did this. Well, they wrote back saying that that particular S.E. mini was sold out, but they just happened to have one left on the shelves and sent it to me as a Christmas gift! That right there blew my mind! For that, I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!



PS- I would post a pic of the finished model, but I gave it to my daughter (yes, the cute one who seems to like the nutritive qualities of minis). Seeing how she lives with her mother, it's difficult to retrieve it to take a pic of it. Darn exes anyway!

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I would have to agree as well. I've contacted Jay in the customer service part a few time actually (bad paint, broken minis that I didn't notice until I got home and it was the only one left at the store). I've always been taken care of, which is why I stick to Reaper so closely, 98% of the minis I've bought and painted are Reaper. I find a fav and stick with them. Reaper SO rocks!! ^_^

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