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Grimdark Future: Firefight - Gang Wars Camapign AKA Notcromunda

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Building the foundations for this right now.

NOT copying the Necromunda setting - instead of a single huge Spire there are six smaller Hive Cities, with exciting names like Primus, Secondus, etc. - but each hive will also have a nickname to describe it.


Terrain will be Industrial Decay, not Grimdark Gothic.

About a hundred and fifty years ago there were seven cities - but one collapsed, killing over a million people. That collapsed city is now occupied by scavengers - the upper reaches being picked over by Jackals, the lower reaches home to the warrens of ratmen.

The ratmen have been blamed for the collapse, despite their not being in the ruins until over fifty years after the collapse.

The Hives are connected on the surface by roads, rails, a few canals, and vast off road land trains.


Underground there are roads, rail, access tunnels, and aqueducts - the aqueducts are not supposed to be used for transport, but no one is enforcing that regulation.

Gangs include those listed in the free Gangs of Hive City lists, Ratmen Clans, Soulsnatcher cults, and Jackals.


Roughly one third of the battles will be turf wars, half will be over resources - AKA loot, and the remaining sixth will be Special.

Special battles include things like kidnappings, extractions, assassinations, sabotage, intelligence gathering, escort missions, and rescues.


Things we need - 3D printable models for the gangs, special scenario ideas, nifty terrain bits.


The Auld Grump

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On 5/5/2023 at 2:10 PM, lowlylowlycook said:

Any particular plan on how to deal with the typical snowballing problem where the most experienced/most committed players win their early games then get even more advantages?

A limited campaign.

One of the things that makes Gang Wars different from Necromunda is that both sides bring pretty much equal forces - no more than 50 points difference between the forces on the table, so not all of a powerful gang are on the table at a given time.

The players determine how much to bring - if both sides have three hundred points, and want to bring all of them, then they can. If one side has three hundred points availabe, and the other has only one hundred and fifty, then the bloke playing with three hundred available will only bring two hundred - and if he does then the other player gets an underdog bonus. For every ten point difference, the underdog can modify either their own or the other player's die rolls by +/- 1.

A larger gang has more flexibility, but not necessarily more brute force. And the underdog can mess that force up by choosing nasty times to change a die roll. Sorry Bob, that Deadly 3 lascannon that missed you by one point? It didn't miss....

I would try to make my force as near equal as I can.....


The Auld Grump

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