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I had planned to take some time off from painting to start testing a new game system I want to introduce at my local shop. My intention was to take a couple weeks to really stress test and learn the system before attempting to teach it. That didn't exactly happen as now a month later I haven't touched a paint brush or a single die. Between myself and the family getting sick plus all the spring work I've spent what little free time I have in the evenings watching movies or mindless television.


While setting up my game testing table however I came across some terrain that really needed some attention. It seems my old foam rocks have seen better days. 20230501_214448.thumb.jpg.799af8ce98268ccef427efb47fdc331b.jpg20230501_214454.thumb.jpg.f46ab681cf46ef2cfcc44e0103e65845.jpg

Knowing that "fixing" them wouldn't take long I grabbed them and added them to my desk where they sat for a month.


So tonight I figured they would make for an easy project to get back into the groove. Grabbing a brush I got straight to work and really enjoyed a nice evening of painting. Having acquired these second hand however I had to use my best guess when it came to color matching. 20230501_222245.thumb.jpg.be81d4ed8ef4ef76b9bfb800b9c7d1b1.jpg20230501_222249.thumb.jpg.ee34246e583c39c6b4bdda1271bf432f.jpg

As you can see on the two dry pieces I did not get the color right. Up close this is very noticeable but at tabletop it is not that bad, so I'm counting it as a win, besides it still looks much better than exposed blue or pink foam. 

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