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Gargoyle? by 'not a clue' Help please

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Been unable to type or paint much 😞 so thought I would try a quick rescue job on this gargoyle? we've had for ages ( my other half admits he can't paint -but is better now than he was then). He did want him still to be usable separately but coincidentally in his game a player has got extremely pedantic about gargoyles and grotesques - hence base with downspout! Which I'm fairly happy with. Now I say its a gargoyle but I cannot trace the manufacturer so it might be a demon? Anyone got any ideas please? It is metal and the base has C FP(F?) 96 on one side and WK on the other if that helps?





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16 minutes ago, kazmania7 said:

I know ral partha did a similiar pose and look at one point but can't recognize this one sorry.


15 minutes ago, strawhat said:

Probably Ral Partha.  Just Google Ral Partha Gargoyle.


it looks like one cited as a DSA 17033.

That's him! I thought I had looked at every Ral Partha gargoyle! Turns out that he was originally made by a company called FanPro  for a German RP game and later licensed to Ral Partha - hence the FP on his base - the WK is the sculptor -Werner Klocke! No wonder the figure is still being made! (and only £3.50)

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