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Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales, Mystic Natural Fantasy Setting 5E


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$120 plus shipping for 200+ miniatures. No idea why I'm still doing this sort of thing, but I'm in for 1EU. 😛 Mini's may be on the small side. Daily SG's.

Company has 11 KS, but some have not fulfilled yet. Miniatures are from previous KS (?) so the molds have been made and paid for.

Also, 3D cardstock dungeon tiles, transparent plastic condition markers. Little iffy on the look of the condition markers, but could use them for these miniature games and 5e.




"Mine have just arrived in UK.. if like me you bought mainly for the minis rather than the system itself... .here are my first thoughts: I am pleased with them, actually very pleased, I think I've done OK here.. But.. just to prepare you, some of the more human minis are a bit small and thin, but definitely still usable. Think nolzurs minis rather than reaper. When I say small, I mean usable on a table small... not dragons hoard small so please don't panic! I know some of us will have had our fingers burnt by other kickstarters but these are all usable. Maybe not all as main characters but certainly as npcs or leading npcs. And its only the human minis that are slightly small. ALL the other minis are wonderful. The orcs and demons are superb. All the familiars are going to be a definite hit with your players. And there are some really really nice surprises. The mephits are awesome and have loads of character. Some nice kobold and pathfinderesque goblins and a couple of sets of really, brilliantly, brilliantly odd and unique henchmen mobs.. The two big minus ate also great, and because everything (Everything)is prebased, and also very cleanly manufactured out of the box, all the minis are ready to be primed with no real preparation. Which is amazing... I paid 125 euros, and there's about 125 minis.. I work that out at about 80p a mini.. and I am very happy with that! Definitely got my moneys worth, even in just the odd mobs and unusual familiars. So definitely very pleased AND I have the cool bases to go through now and see how they go.. Good work all round. Well done, well done! Etc etc..






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