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Egyptian style dungeon (Hirst Arts) pic heavy

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Here is an Egyptian style dungeon made with Hirst Arts molds. I bought the molds about 4 years ago with a project in mind that I never did. Then I recently decided that I could use the molds to represent the tomb of an ancient lost culture. I really liked using the molds and I think they are under appreciated in the Hirst Arts line. Shout out to Lady Sabelle (see her website, no affiliation) for inspiration on painting the designs. The dungeon consists of four rooms and a connecting corridor. DSC_0026.thumb.JPG.f60e7f679bf7fdb62a1ae29e6b8cd305.JPG



There is a secret door to get into the tomb. The wall section pivots.






Quick photo of how the whole thing is constructed. Each wall section, corner piece, floor section and special parts are separate pieces. Long ago I decided on a wall on center method of construction. This allows me to easily reset the pieces to rearrange things to make new designs. I will be putting magnets on the bottom of each piece and the board they are sitting on has a piece of sheet metal. This allows me to transport the pieces to my game group in the car. 




Here are some accidental atmospheric shots of the dungeon.



This is the fifth style of dungeon that I have made with Hirst Arts. I also did a regular stone wall dungeon, gothic style, natural cavern, inn walls and scifi style. All of them use the wall on center style so they are compatible and interchangeable. My players have really enjoyed them. 

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This is amazing! Do we have a love button?! I love how you used the bricks in the moulds to make each room look different. Lots of combinations I would never have thought of. Very well done. The colours are beautiful, too. My biggest question is about the little crennelation brick on the + hallway. My big man hands would knock that sucker off at the first opportunity. It looks so nice, though. 


I have a bunch of Egyptian stuff built with Hirst Arts on my Sandgrave thread. Maybe some of it will inspire you? Mine is drab colours because I find that the minis stand out better when photographing. There's also a great one at tapatalk that uses 9x9 rooms. 

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