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HeroQuest (2021) Mythic Expansion from Avalon Hill

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Part 1: Heroes!


For the most part, the alternate heroes were done up the same way as their standard counterparts.  There are a few differences, but those flow mostly from the minor changes in sculpt.


I also skipped the eyes on these as they were quite difficult for me to track (I could barely see them).





I feel like I missed a part of her top that goes over her left breast.  I couldn't see any sort of detail there that would indicate it was covered by her top, so it was painted as flesh before I really thought about it.








I am digging the phoenix on the loincloth.  It came out better than I thought it had any chance of being.





The inside of the Wizard's cape is Pure Black in the recesses and Adamantium Black where it billows.





Sir Ragnar:



Interesting...Rob Zombie's...err...Sir Ragnar's lion is reversed from the lion on the shield (in the Core set Weapon Rack).


Thanks for stopping by!


Hopefully the Mythic Expansions won't be quite the slog that the Core game was.

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