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Molten Earth Spell

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So a friend and I were playing Warlord yesterday and at one point I had one of my casters cast Molten Earth and we were a little confused on how it works.  It's been a little while since we we've been able to play.


The spells says:  Splits open the earth, causing a 1" x 5" area of magma to erupt from the ground. Any model on the ground caught in this area or trying to cross through it must resist the spell at the original Casting Power or take 1 point of damage. Burrowed models take 2 points damage. The magma remains in place for the remainder of the game.


It's considered an attack spell, but we were confused on who rolls for what.  Was I supposed to make a roll for each target in the AoE and beat their MD or was he suppose to roll?  Thanks for help.

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The way we have played it and Wall of Fire, which is similar, we have the attacking caster make any checks for those in the Aoe when the spell is initially cast. We leave a die near the Aoe with the original casting power to remind us what it was. If someone goes in it later we usually have the controlling player of the model make the roll, but I don't think it matters much. If you have someone who is a stickler for the rules I would suggest having the original casting player make the roll as it is an attack spell.


Funny story, we had a Wall of Fire cast with a check so low that only weak 2 track soldiers with 1 wound would have a chance at failing. We didn't have any of those on the board at the time so we would joke about our models being slightly warmed up as they moved through it, or joked about how we went around the wall so as not to be warmed up. 😁

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