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ReaperCon 2023 Manufacturer Awards


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So, under the dark sword categories, it's mentioned that those entries can double dip for reaper award credit as well as dark sword.  Does this mean we need to pick one category for each entry, like bombshell or chibi, and that wouldn't count for an msp diorama?  Or that a chibi from bombshell must choose whether to be entered for chibi or bombshell credit and can't be judged in both?

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Yeah, I think that note in their disclaimer just adds some confusion. Dark sword is one of the longest mfr categories running in the MSP and I think they added that to the boilerplate years ago.

Disclaimer : I'm only a participant who enters stuff for judging. I'm not a judge or an administrator and if I'm wrong I hope I'm corrected because the below is based on my understanding over the past few years.


Every entry must be in one of the 4 MSP categories.  Then it can also qualify for any of the Manufacturer and Special awards that apply.  For example, a Bombshell Chibi would be entered in the Painters category, would have bombshell named as the manufacturer, and also be 'tagged' as a chibi.  That would then make it eligible for an MSP Medal for painters (and potentially eligible for a Painter's Sophie Best in Show), judged for the Chibi competition, and judged for the bombshell manufacturer's award.  



Or to put it another way, you have the MSP, which only cares which of the four categories it was primarily registered in. 


Then there's the MFR exclusive awards, Bombshell, Moonlight, Talon, DGS, and Warlord/Trenchworks Historical that the mini in question must be from their line. Mousling I think has to be a Reaper Mousling, though I could be wrong that there are Mouslings in other mfr lines that would qualify (I'm not aware of any...)


Then there's  MK's chibi competition, WG/TW Historical Open, Theme, Best Display, Giant Sized Monster, and Best in Show that are manufacturer agnostic and should look at any mini that qualifies, independent of what category you entered it into for the MSP.  In theory, it should be possible to qualify for multiple, if say, you could somehow hit Giant Monster and Chibi with the same model.


A diorama with mixed manufacturers I think would be tricky though. I'm not sure how the judges would handle that.....


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