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Dueling Dragons


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Very cool :) Good job on the wounds and such too. If ANY suggestion be made you might grab the victim mini from the sacrifice and alter set [ Here's the link to her in the boneyard: Victim ] Lay her in between the two of them and now they have something to fight over ;)


"I'm telling you it's MY damsel!"


"Not a chance scale for brains...I saw her first!"


"Oh yeah?"






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hmm, She actually has that mini, but she's planning to do something else with it. This has been sitting around for a bit, and actually she was inspired by Lanse's comedic diorama several months ago. A dragon holding a woman saying "Mine".


We had the dragons, so she figures, just a straight up fight scene would be suffice. I really like the green dragon, its hard to see it in this pic, but it has like a blueish tint to it, really nice looking.


Its sitting on a shelf with other little trinkets, and she has plants and flowers around it.

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