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Sacrificing a squirrel. Pic heavy

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Because it is a squirrel.  I have wanted to do a shaman reading bones for quite some time, not because I needed one but because it is a neat idea.  The problem was that none of the companies that I looked at had anything close so I decided to try out Heroforge.  It worked a treat.  Designed the model using their website and had it printed by a nice company called Geekvillan.  The base is decorated with a green stuff animal skin and some bits including the squirrel.  Pretty chuffed with the results as me and paint usually equals craptastic.  Looking at the zoomed in images it is nice to know that my eyesight will no longer allow me to see the blemishes. 










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Thanks for the kind words all. 


Over on the LAF I was asked about how well the Heroforge scale compares to other manufactures.  When designing her I set her height at 5 feet so she would be relatively short.  I am guessing that the standard size of their models would be heroic but you can scale however you want on the printer.  Here is the size comparison shot. 

Hasslefree, Midlam, HeroForge, Otherworld,  Bears Head, Reaper


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