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WIP: 🏜 Wild West Scene 🤠

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Wonderful!  I love it.  In particular, that vulture on the sign is just a fabulous piece of scatter.


No real recommendations (although the model train folks seem to have dioramas pretty well worked out), but it does get me excited to try the Shadows of Brimstone game we just bought.  

Edit to add: reapers giant snake would look good with this collection.  Also, some sand worms would be cool!

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Well since you asked, of course the stagecoach takes center stage and luv the beaten effect paint job, but since it's out in the prairie it's lacking dust, I know you have not placed it's backdrop, but what I am saying when you do some weathering pigments will go a long way, so kudos so far to you, very nice.

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Absolutely splendid work; love the weathering and the basing! 
I think your diorama skills are just fine, but if you want some more Western views, search for the "weird west" and "western" tags. 

Those cacti are just beautiful. 

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