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This is an old figure from Black Orc Games. They are sadly out of business now. They used to carry a very wide variety of very inexpensive miniatures in a lot of different genres. What was special about them though was that they'd take sculpts from anyone as long as they were of at least decent quality. It was a way for aspiring sculptors to get thier work out to the public. I have a few pieces from them that aren't necessarily Reaper quality,  but they're more than adequate for game pieces. 


Anyway, this is from their 'jungle kingdoms ' line.







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Nice!  Haven't seen one of those in a long time. He was from their 100 Kingdoms game, back in 2001-03 or so.  They had the idea of doing 100 different armies... actually produced about 5 before things started getting shaky.  Good figures for the most part, though.   I think Sandra Garrity did quite a bit for them, but I don't remember who all they had working for them. 



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