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I bought a gross of small dinosaurs online a while back for conversion fodder.  They turned out to be made of Bonesium, so you PVC enthusiasts might be interested.

@BlazingTornado tagging you because you make a lot of SCS Direct / Wicked Duals posts.

@Glitterwolf tagging you because at least two of the tags fit your interests.





The long-suffering Sergeant Pembroke (25mm) once again explaining to Goldar the Barbarian (Reaper Bones) that items you need on the march go in the *top* of the bag.  He can have his teddy bear later.

We'll start with a scale shot.  The base, tack, and saddle bags are all Magic Sculpt. The tentage up top is small strips of old t-shirt soaked in PVA glue (get it wet first) and rolled up.  The beast is probably a bit overloaded, but I wanted to convey its cargo-carrying nature with, well, cargo.  Important takeaways:  Magic Sculpt and other epoxies DO NOT STICK to Bonesium.  They do stick to themselves, which means that the saddle girth isn't entirely decorative - be sure to properly cinch it.  PVA sticks to Magic Sculpt if you have a big contact area.




Sauropods of dubious reconstructive accuracy.  Just go with it - odds are one of the party members is a talking cat with a need to transport wares.


Shown next to the original recipe.  These critters come glued to a plain square base that's easy enough to pop off.  The pegs are a good place to run some florist wire or other structural enhancement between the feet to hold the pegs in the sculpted base.  The base is an old school cavalry base shape - it's half of a circle on each end with a straight insert equal to the circle's diameter.  3" x 1.5" just to mess with your grid.  I normally cut bases out of food packaging cardboard and lay Magic Sculpt on top of that.  It was textured with a broccoli base, making the texture inverse broccoli (which surprisingly does not result in either dessert or chicken nuggets).  I painted him up as a reticulated giraffe because a( giraffes are fun and b( the reticulated pattern is actually a lot more forgiving than a solid brown or grey would be.

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