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I got inspired by @SparrowMarie and @WhiteWulfe who's threads about colouring made me pick up my copies of colouring books again.

Their threads are here:






I got these two books I had purchased a few years ago, maybe more will follow eventually.




In the past I coloured a postcard from Kerby Rosanes and I started on this Anubi from the Mythomorphia Book.





Now, Oldest Vixen moved out and I had given her my pencils.

But my Girl still had a tin of colouring pencils.

Since I really wanted to try out some aquamarkers or dual brush pens, I invested in these.

I find using pencils sometimes makes my hands hurt after a while.


These aquamarkers are a cheap brand, I wanted to see how they behave and if I would like it.

They do come with a connectable tray which is cool.








First thing I did, I finished the Anubi.

I had started it in pencil somewhere around 2019, I finished it with the aquamarkers.

Mind you, I'm a beginner in this field and it just helps me relax and I like to do this when we're sitting in the garden,






I liked how the aquamarkers behave, haven't used water with them yet, I find them nice as is for the moment.

Bleeding through the pages is a minimum, so I might invest in better ones if I decide to keep doing this.


I have started on the Gorgon now.





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Whoooo, the Anubis pic done in colours other than the traditional ones, always a lovely thing to see! 


Also, I like how things are going with Medusa, seems those markers are working well.  Love that they come with trays! 

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