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Loke Battlemats "Immense Dungeons - Digital Maps for Discerning Game Masters" : VTT and Roll20


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Digital dungeon, cave & sewer battle maps AND tokens & tiles to create your own maps or customize ours! Sized for VTT or print at home.


Take your online adventure to the next level with our HUGE pack of digital maps and 1,000+ digital tiles to create your own layouts, and tokens to customize them!











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From a Backerkit update...


74 Huge Digital Maps: We started the campaign with 60 Maps and have added 14 through Stretch Goals.


Over 1700+ Digital Map Tiles: An unparalleled selection of highly detailed, meticulously designed digital map tiles that will allow you to create your own maps using our assets! We started with 1000+ and stretch goals have now added a further 700!


Tokens: Add your unique touch by personalizing the maps with an extensive array of tokens, allowing you to populate your maps with an endless variety of features.


Compatibility: Our maps and tiles are crafted to work seamlessly with any virtual tabletop program, as well as programmes such as Photoshop, offering you unparalleled versatility and convenience. We also offer a tailored Roll20 pledge tier which includes maps, tiles & a PDF adventure all set up in Roll20 (including dynamic lighting for all the maps).

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