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Tango Rangers


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Since I can only post so many images on the Reaper Forums, I gave this part its own space. The Condor seems to be the eye opener, but she still has lots of work to go on her as of yet.


Heres a Closer look at the Condor (WIP) still much to do, but working on her



Full Spread of the Tango Spear, 1st Ranger Group, and Battleforce Tiamat (T1MAT)



Tiamat lead Assault troop



Tiamat Detach



1st Ranger Group infantry and Vehicle support



Redfaced Colibri (1/1 7th Division Hummingbird Squadron)




The Redhawk Alpha, Bravo and Charlie in Tango Colors



Last but not least, the CAV merc org inspired by the lesbian gang in the movie, "The Warriors" this is the current layout of the all female Tolucan Death Squad, The Tin Lizzies. My Wife's second mercenary group and a Rogue Wild Apache unit.


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honestly, Don't know. She blended some kind of Cyan into a purple and the paint job blends from blue to purple. then add some Yellow polkadots.


For those who don't normally visit the Sci Fi section, more pics are in the Tango Incursion thread. check em out, give a holla.

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She mixed something, but I see now the image doesn't do it justice. she basically mixed some kind of purple, though the pics look blue. its fading two tones, maybe three, Cyan Blue and Purple.


Its wierd how they came out, all I can say is the colors are available with a typical automobile paint set that is made by Testers. i think its the automobile air brushing kit. not sure.

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