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Savage Worlds 20th Anniversary Celebration


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Since its first publication in 2003—with the tagline Fast! Furious! Fun!—Savage Worlds has spread across the globe to become one of the most beloved tabletop roleplaying game systems. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of that original edition, we are proud to present a newly updated printing of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition along with a host of amazing accessories!


$45 : Fifth Printing

$20 : Player's handbook

$25 : Accessory Box


SG's include a nifty player's box.







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"Since our last “explosive” update (we dropped that one on July 4th while we were all celebrating Independence Day here in the United States) a few very exciting things have happened with our Savage Worlds 20th Anniversary Celebration Kickstarter:

* You unlocked a new Stretch Goal at $125K – a customizable Savage Worlds shoulder bag from Equilibrium USG, now available as an Add-On.

* We released a fully updated PDF of SWADE, version 5.0, that matches what will be in the 5th Printing of the hardback that is available in the campaign.

* We asked backers to vote on the next assortment of Setting Edge Cards, with the Fantasy Companion winning out by a sizable margin. All physical backers get the SWADE and Deadlands Edge Cards and 20th Anniversary Celebration (Print) backers get the Fantasy Companion Edge Cards FREE (also available as an Add-On)!

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