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This one is in two parts.  First one was the color test.  The second one is the one I finished using said color test. 




i used the Next Level Miniatures KS mini for the magenta-blue test.  Worked out well enough to try this scheme and lighting effect on a model I really liked. 


Here's my 3rd of the Hexbane Vampire hunters I have completed.  Using a similar magenta-blue base and scheme.






Pretty happy with how it turned out.  Leaned stunting new on pairing all colors on the model with the same two base colors. The lighting effect got muddled with my adding in more colors, but I think the piece still translates well enough. 


Any feedback is always appreciated.


Also worth saying again that those Next Level Miniatures are smaller than I prefer. Feels like I've got a ton of minis that are only going to be testers. 

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I'm using that same concept of adding color across the model here, too. Toss one is purple and green undertone.


Still very much a WIP, but I'm loving it so far. 





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