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It did!

Wonderful piece.


I got a little tip.

Besides the fluid water effects, there's also Vallejo Water Effect Paste.

You can use this to create icicles hanging from that rock for example.

I did that here, this stuff is a bit thicker, starts out white and will dry transparent.

It's the same stuff I used for the slime effect on the tentacles in the other pic.





nr 1.JPG


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3 hours ago, Adrift said:

Beautiful and smooth.


A little frosting on the boots and bottom of the cape would take this to the next level!

Agree. Everything is so lovely, but the boots in particular pop out a little as not the same as the rest. 

The hair and weapons are awesome.  I am jealous. 


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Looks awesome! The mini looks very nice. The base is quite the achievement as well. Lots of effort went into that for a long time and it shows.

Hopefully some constructive feedback since you are obviously pushing yourself for quality:

I think a little something, nothing distracting, but something in the back of the base would help break that up. Frosted plant, rock stick out, idk.

The blue water could maybe have some variation to help imply different depths, and the ring around the edge is a bit confusing.

But again, the texture and color on the snow drift are great as is the mini, congrats on a beautiful piece!

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