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Archon's "Dungeons and Lasers VI: Caves"


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Rocky Caves is more generic so will no doubt be used more.

Demonic Caves would work for Boss rooms or underworld.

Belly would work for underworld, 40K attacks on Tyrannid ship, or DOOM levels. Its overspecialization won't keep me from buy a set, of course. 😛


More renders: https://www.dungeonsandlasers.com/caves/





Not related 😛 but Archon is asking if there's interest in prepainted terrain. Link to FaceBook, so mods can delete.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2418164861823205/posts/3262941104012239/



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I kind of want belly of the beast - my imagination handles the other two but a visual representation of being inside something would be helpful.
on the other hand I would use it 1-2 times per campaign. 
Starting another  KS before the previous one delivers is a red flag.  I spent over 100 on the last KS, which is still on time, (may 2024)  but undelivered. 

the fact that they are on a 6th kickstarter with 4 delivered, some early, makes it less likely to be a problem. 

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3 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:

Starting another  KS before the previous one delivers is a red flag. 


Well, the Rapid Delivery (existing molds) have been shipped and backers report it delivered.


D&L:V had such a long lead time, I guess we can wait and see about that fulfillment...! Should be able to pledge $1, although I expect an Early Bird miniature.

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Posted (edited)

GameFound "Get Notified on Launch" link! : https://gamefound.com/en/projects/archon-studio/caves?fbclid=IwAR3r2gcFAjKjvOb6i9uOGMyZwDQ6Souud9cZN0zeaDuPwr8NHpIyVjl8weg


Otherwise, not much on the Project page, no pledge levels yet.

Prepainted sets available. Definitely curious about that!

Subthemes announced. No details. Like the core sets aren't subthemed enough? 😛

Archon hard plastic is excellent and well-priced, but miniatures tend to be multipiece assembly. I think I have enough mini's from Deuslair to skip the add-ons...?









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Thanks to Tim on the Archon Fan FB page!

More pic there and on Dakka : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/1140/797368.page




The Caves event will be on Game Found, not on KS


The Caves event will allow individual purchase of creature packs (themed to the cave set), so...if you do not want more minis, you can just get the tiles, if you do not want more tiles, you can get just the minis. Again one theme pack for each cave style.


Sounds like there will be a tiles "Trap Pack"...allowing tiles to be switched out to indicate trap has gone off.


Cave tiles will work with non-cave floor tiles. Assuming non-cave walls may also work ...?


The "Next Big Thing" for Archon Studio will be a 4x-style boardgame of Master's of Orion, Adastra. No date/time line




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Looks like each core set will have three sub-themes. 


"In our Caves crowdfunding campaign, there will be three Super Stretch Goals. Each time one of these goals is unlocked, you will receive a list of three subthemes to choose from. Starting with the second pledge, you'll receive three subthemes of your choice for free, and if you opt for the all-in pledge, you'll be able to choose 9 sets of any combination out of the unlocked subthemes! And if that's not enough, worry not. These subthemes will also be available as optional add-ons. Last, but not least, you can choose between standard and pre-painted versions to suit your preferences!"




Pretty pretty prepaints.




Rocky Cave subthemes



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