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A storm is brewing and smoke is in the air

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I'm hitting a wall. 

A few actually.  My patience is running thin on this all white color, which I did my best to add color to and depth. It's taking me a lot of layers and carefully placed highlights.  Overall the white is working, but making the cape, outfit, and hair all different colors is not easy for me. 


Now the second issue. I'm struggling with the explosion below her.  I need a reference or a video that does a good job of showing off how to paint an explosion. I'm thinking orange,yellow, Grey colors.  I tried to start it and ended up running out of steam. I'll need high contrast to make it look awesome and different from her outfit. 







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I think her clothing hair and face look good.  The yellow in the cloud doesn't look right.  If you were going for an explosion, like a fireball you'd want bright white at the center with yellow and orange coming out from that and black smoke on the edges.  But given that it is Storm, you should make it a storm cloud: dark grey in the center fading out to white highlights.  

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