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Gygax Day 2023 DDRPG Playtest opportunity!

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This Thursday is Gygax Day 2023...


Who would be up for Dungeon Dwellers RPG playtest Thursday, July 27th from 7 pm - 11 pm Eastern Time on Discord?


Pregens will be provided, BYOD (Bring Your Own Dice) as I don't care for dice rollers and like to hear the clack.


The beta is on Reaper's website, it's a year old so there are a few refinements and tweaks here and there. Magic is getting a much needed tuneup; more evolutionary than revolutionary.



The adventure will be set around the city of Barrowgate (the most haunted city in Western Adon if not the world over) but if you're hot to dungeoncrawl I have The Crypt of the Bastard Prince ready to rock & roll.


You'll need a Discord account, a webcam with mic. I suppose if you'd prefer audio only that's a possibility.


I can probably arrange for some swag for up to 6 intrepid players.

Let me know ASAP, we have 3 Players lined up and I have room for 3 more. First come yadda yadda yadda.


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We have a fourth leaving two unclaimed seats.

Here's our compliment thus far:

Human Cleric of Marna Goddess of the Earth

Halfling Fighter

Elf Rogue

Dwarf Wizard

At this point we can easily double up with the available folk and classes provided it's a unique combo.

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