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browsin for a bigger pic I came across these....

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VIEW RR2861 Abram Duskwalker, Witch Hunter (1) (New) $3.99 $3.19

VIEW RR2862 Nimrah, Blackguard (1) (New) $4.29 $3.43

VIEW RR2863 Female Werewolf (1) (New) $4.49 $3.59

VIEW RR2864 Shadow Dragon (1) (New) $17.99 $14.39

VIEW RR2865 Flesh Golem (1) (New) $5.49 $4.39

VIEW RR2866 Ivan, Vampire Wizard (1) (New) $3.99 $3.19

VIEW RR2867 Matthias, Nosferatu (1) (New) $4.29 $3.43

VIEW RR2868 Eldritch Demon (1) (New) $12.99 $10.39

VIEW RR2869 Elise, Witch (1) (New) $4.99 $3.99

VIEW RR2870 Halloween Familiars (8) (New) $8.99 $7.19



we know what Elise looks like & the shadow dragon & couple others, but some I've never even heard of, anyone seen a pic of the Eldritch demon?, how about the others I didn't mention (other than the Familiars), as NW's links aren't comin up for me.



Randy M

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you know it's funny, since this is th reapers forums, you would think I would have thought "hey maybe the site that this forum is attached to MIGHT HAVE those pics before I posted my question", BEHOLD!!!


gallery has the pics they just aren't named. SMACK!!! I feel like an idiot now :unsure:



I think I need to take a nap before work, or it might be a long night at work tonight, ha ha



Randy M

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