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Who's your gkw 14y daddy?

John Bear Ross

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Posted - 14 Dec 2002 :  11:39:37          



Hello All!


Just giving you a sneak peak at Koda Works' Newest Production Nightmare, the Dictator II !!!


The stats will be amped slightly from the Dictator I, to include a pair of Gkw 14y Heavy Gauss Cannons! Yay!










Conversion of the 1/60th Scale Dictator 3-D Model did take place, making this the first N Scale to 1/60th Scale back to N Scale design done by yours truly. I think you're going to like it!


The Legs were beefed up slightly, along with a slight reconfiguring of the Gky14's structure.


Let me know what you think!



John Bear Ross

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Revenants and Ronins?


*Is intruigued*


I don't think the Gkw14y will be the Gkw14... probably a slightly more powerful main mode but no overdriven mode.


Least I hope, else my Supers will have to develop an extra thick hide :o)

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