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Falling Down the Terrain rabbit hole

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I started building terrain for my D&D game, and I just got a little carried away with how easy it is.

Critical role was partially to blame, with the elaborate weekly sets, I dont have that kind of budget, but I only game once a month so I have more time to put things together. 


Whistling Pig bar , Session 12 

Whistling Pig Bar.jpg


2. I got a good deal on Dungeons and lasers elvern forest set,  I was only going to paint t few of them. 




Session 15 

3. PCs got passage on a ship - I thought they might be on it for 2-3 sessions. 
but halfway through the session they captured a pirate ship.  


4.  Pirate ship, with lots of pirates and several good spell casters.  

5. Renamed the Mercy - (ex-pirates taken on as crew)  this deck plan is from a tradesman (fish) spelljamming ship.  
did i mention they are building a spell jamming helm?   


Wave Dancer.jpg

Pirate Ship.jpg

the ship Mercy.jpg


Session 16 

6. the massive bronze door into a dragons lair - it was opened by polymorphing an ally into a T-Rex and forcing it open. 
the L10 party had no lockpicks, high STR or knock spells.  but they had a druid with polymorph. 


Dragonss Door.jpg




The campaign is hurtling toward the climax - either blowing up or stopping an evil moon. 
this week I decided it was going to be  RED.  well orange red, like mars.  So I went to and got some new craft paint, and built the large craters.

both are lids that my elderspawn was saving, one is all tinfoil the other is some tinfoil, some milliput and some rocks for texture, I didn't want to use up all my milliput,  
the tinfoil one looks fine, but the tinfoil crinkles and bends, exposing the silver, so its not ideal.  at Hobby lobby I found this pack of trees, which will be fore a separate encounter on the red moon 
the moon and spelljammer ship should be heavily involved in sessions 18-21  
wrapping p the campaign by the end of the year. 

I need to actually paint things for reapercon, so I need to reluctantly put this aside - I envision a foam cliff and a 2 level map, half stacked up on books. 
and another layer of red/orange paint across the surface.  also it needs an area of scattered rock, to serve as rough terrain.  rocs also repainted in the same color pallet


Red Moon.jpg

the forest looks very full, with a few Reaper Ruins and the new trees 
Canvas painting backdrops are from a Bob Ross inspired landscape binge I went on during Covid lockdowns, 
I have almost a dozen landscapes, but these two matched the best. 

Forest Scene.jpg

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