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Meet the 2023 ReaperCon Iconics!


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This year's iconic miniatures were sculpted by Bobby Jackson, using concept art by Max Dunbar.
- Hollis Greyheath and Verbena - Mutton chopped Halfling & pet
- Ryelle Rainheather - elvan Bard
- Kreed Bloodbeard - The bearded Barbarian
- Emrul Gozgul - The Half-orc rogue

How to recruit these party members? 
The Halfling with those mutton loves a good tavern, and the best place to find a bar at ReaperCon 2023 will be the convention box sold at the Reaper Booth.  The Half-Orc rogue will be doing surveillance of the vendor room. Follow her around and get your punch card filled out. The Barbarian wants to swing his axe all 4 days of the con.  So, he will be in the 4-day pass bag.  And the adorable bard wants everyone to hear her song, She will be the September promo of the month.



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18 hours ago, haldir said:

What are the factions associated with each?


From what ive been told, its not so much faction based this year. I think its more like each character has a quest, and you give them points to help them meet certain goals, or decide how their story progresses. 

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