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Aze Mysidai, 03022 Half Dragon Conversion

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This is Aze, Lord of Bronze. I've converted this miserable miscast into a dragon man, so from half dragon to dragon man. When I got the mini, the sword was broken off the hand, the shield hand was gone, and his face was partially melted away. Don't know how it got sent out like that but Reaper made it all good with a replacement model (so perfect). Lots of greenstuff and a couple parts from other Reaper models, confrontation models, and ral partha were used here. I don't like the shield and will be changing that out and I might also add little wings I got from Dark Sword though I really like the backpack.
Reaper: body, head, tail, axe

Ral Partha: shield

Confrontation: Shield arm shoulder armour


Please comment and let me know if I can do anything to help with his composition. Want to use him as a recurring NPC, sometimes a benefactor and sometimes an antagonist.





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Thanks for the like. I worked long and hard on this model. Probably too long. The shield he is carrying now isn't to my liking. The skull bugs me and I would like to paint a scene on the shield so the skin also has to go. I'll get one from the Ral Partha Legacy Armory. Still working on that cause I cannot decide between a round or a kite shield.

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