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Sparrow Paints some Canvas Backdrops

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A friend of mine gave me some canvases last month! I've decided to turn them into backdrops for my larger minis (or maybe just for minis in general depends on if I can get a floor piece to match.


One of them (20"x16") I'm going to turn into a Bob Ross-esque painting but with like a dark and red sky so it seems the land is burning.


The one I'm about to show (12"x16") is a dungeon that I've already had brother mock up a photo yesterday and I spent a chunk of yesterday and today drawing it out with heavy guidance from him.


The third one I'm open to ideas. It is also a 12"x16". I don't care which way it's oriented. I just need ideas!


I'm prefacing this by saying I literally do not draw. I've never felt good at it. It's just never been a thing I could wrap my head around.


So back to the second one! I knew I definitely wanted a dungeon. But my brain, for a change, had a rough idea of what I wanted. I did some Googling and talked to my brother who does cute MSPaint cat portraits and other things to help me out. He drew up this rough sketch for me.




And then with heavy guidance from him I was able to draw everything (except the chest) on my own! He helped with placing and proportions and whatnot.




I still need to draw in the stone floor and cobblestones for the bridge/pillars though. So saying I am happy with it is an understatement. I will be painting this up. I have a /small/ set of water soluble oil paints and lots of acrylics. I will be using one or both of these in painting all of these.

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6 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:



Since you've got a dungeon, and what sounds to me like an apocalypse/hellscape, how about doing the last one as a forest and/or mountains?


Good idea! I wanted to do a desert scene vaguely as well but I'd need to get another canvas and that's not high on the list as of now.

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