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Female Assassin WIP

Stern Kestrelmann

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Yes, smooth and thin Jester... My new mantra. Yeah, on that roof of yours would be sweet!


Errex- Yes, Klocke rules. He is one of the the main reasons I paint pewter!


Thanks everyone. I'll post another shot when I get some more work done on her...


Smooth and thin, smooth and thin, smooth and thin...




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So far, so sweet! Same thoughts about her face and her eyes, well done!


This is a sculpt I'm looking forward to picking up. I thought Horakinis from Exalted was a great 'cloak-and-dagger/mysterious lady' figure, but Deladrin is even better. She caught my eye when I first saw her on the pegs, but so far, I'm actually having some small success in my battle to avoid buying any new minis until I paint everything (ha! most of) what I already own. Hasn't everyone said this at one time or another? I'm really tying to actually do it.


'Course, I am planning to visit a gaming store in Cincy on Sunday when a friend and I road trip to the Marillion show. Woot! I don't remember the name of the place, but I know I'll feel like I should pick something up just for making a point of stopping (I know, I know, what a hardship, right. Hah!


I'm looking forward to more in-progress pics, Stern. I thought Dain Deepaxe turned out rather well. I liked the axe swap, his face was excellently painted, the skin tones fairly glowed, and I'm stealing your arrows for an undead beholder conversion. You're off to yet another great start!

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“Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.”


I wouldn't say they look poisonous, they're a little too clean. The gradation is very smooth and makes them look like they're glowing. Perhaps not poisonous, but magical and very well painted, even if your intent was something different.


Ha ha! I was chatting with my friend yesterday and one of the stops we're planning tomorrow is to Nord's Games in Cincinnati. It's a Reaper retail store. So much for not buying any new minis until I paint most of what I already own.

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