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Painting goals for September

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What are people planning on painting this month?


My goals for September are:

  •  Paint a game token from Marvel United
  •  continue working on Mithril miniatures for the quarter
  •  Paint two figures from the annual box.
  •  Paint two more humpbacks for the game Rangers of Shadow Deep





Hobby goals for 2023

     Painting one large terrain piece each quarter or several smaller pieces. The goal here is to complete enough, to use in a game or scenario [Check!]

     Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box  [ 12 so far]

     Painting  one game token each month [ 8 so far ]

     Painting three Mithril miniatures each quarter. This works out to an average of one per month; but this way I can paint them in batches [ 8 so far]

     I also have the unusual goal of not buying any miniatures (for myself) in 2023. I have no idea how I will accomplish this. [Update: I went to Reapercon and bought a bunch of miniatures]

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My goal for September is to keep putting paint on minis.  Hopefully every other night, but I'm not going to put any numbers out there. 


The goal is to keep getting closer to the finish line by finishing all the models in my Genestealer Cult (so I can start building a Knights army)!

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I think scaling back my goal from finishing 4 minis down to just spend time painting at all, is appropriate considering the last few months...

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Critters: 2 cobras--Done! and 8 caracals--redeeming paint job needed! 8 Spiders well on their way. 

Mutants: 6 littles and 4 bigs. Hopefully the skin turns out nice this time and they don't need to go to the pickle jar of shame (which is full of paint stripper). Finally found the Glom, just need to buy paints for him.   

Terrain: Paint and post the lovely 3D printed terrain I bought earlier this year. Finally determined some paint schemes for it. Maybe make some more plaster stuff. 

Buy: Order heads for used Nekharu that arrived decapitated and sans heads. Order a few other treats from Croc Games. Patiently wait for October to place big Reaper order. List of paints for this month's projects. Support vendors/sponsors at Paint-a-Thon

Attend: Paint-a-thon. Donate minis and paints. Win the speed painting contest by painting the whole thing red--because everyone knows the red ones go fastest.  


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I agree with @Citrine, my goal for this month is to paint- period. I'm going to try to paint* something every day, just to get into the habit again.


*This includes priming/dry brushing/other preparations, but not sitting in my chair staring at the unfinished minis...

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1. get stuff from Reapercon unpacked and put away

2. figure out where I left off last month

3.  continue working on terrain

4. finish my quarterly RCL entry

5. finish stuff I started at the con 


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0) repair my damaged MSP entry and get it put back into the display case. this was just a bit of failed glue at the magnet mount in the waist, nobody at fault except gravity. 😉

1) finish rebasing some old first-born marines. they have been getting neglected since early August, its time to wrap them up.

  1a) relocate the recently primed first-born to the painting queue cabinet. while motivated to paint these, they are cutting in line lol.

2) get a large batch of priming done:

   2a) an entire 40k Tyranids army is ready for primer

   2b) two squads of Colonial Marines for my AVP collection

   2c) my new Demon Ship collection (scored and assembled at RC). this includes the Golden Girls

3) warm up on freshly primed tyranids. this would involve airbrush as well as paint brush. nothing fancy, just calibrating hand/eye. crank out as many as possible until i start to lose momentum/interest.

4) finish the alternate warhound arms for Scarlet Inferno. this needs to get done before i completely forget my process for this model as a whole. i went to some lengths to get these printed, they need to be finished so i can put them away.

5) dig out a long abandoned metal Reaper mini and finish it. tabletop standard is fine for this one.

   BONUS CHALLENGE: no washes allowed!


lets start with this and see how it goes. i can always add more later if i'm productive.

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It's been slow going this month with my employer holding me hostage more often than usual . . .


I'm going to try to complete my 24 Anhurian footmen painted as bandits/brigands before the end of the month - six remaining to be completed.


Still have the following on the work bench:


3 Chaos Acolytes mounted on snakes

3 Skeletons mounted on snakes

4 Chaos Acolytes mounted on griffons

1 Giant Griffon

All cleaned, assembled, filled, and based


The Egg

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