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Here are the finalized pics for the new morbids I got at ReaperCon. Per my other post, at the con they were basecoated and then washed to darken them up. I view these guys as being really dark, sinister and skulking types.


A bunch of us were debating whether they were ghouls or ghosts but they seem to healthy for undead. 







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2 hours ago, alchemist said:


I think they are meant to be Meazels.


Which is what was agreed upon in my dnd discord group. Though these guys are def more muscular than the dnd artwork. 

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7 hours ago, Poilu_1914 said:

Very nice final job. Looking at how you did the hair on the limbs those could be fins, maybe an underwater version of ghouls? That would make an interesting foe.

It is funny you say that bc hair like this does tend to come across as more fun-like when they print a mini as compared to the recent bugbear they did who has nice strands. 

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