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Pirate Force in CAV


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I based my pirate group off the various fulff examples in the JoRs, where the pirates didn't have access to most of the newer equipment. All of their gear is looted, stolen, or acquired through black market ties.


When constructing my force, I looked at production dates and production run size. I didn't give it a theme like 'fast hit n run', as I doubt they would have a lot of selection to choose from. It's more of a mish-mash of stuff :B): . This does lend well to conversions, where the pirates replace broken gear with whatever they have available.

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A) Come up with some random way of determining your Pirate force. Use what you get regardless of composition.


B) Same as above, but predetermine an allowance for a handful of swaps/changes to represent a bit more structure.


C) Watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Ice Pirates, and other pirate movies and figure out those pirates' modus operandi... then use that as a premise for your force.


Good luck... ::D:

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My "Privateers" are made up of the CAV's I like. I have gone with a theme of quick moving strike units. So lots of hover tanks fast moving attack transports and fast hard hitting CAV's. But primarily I also go for what I like and what I want to use.


There is no set way to build a Pirate faction, As others have said, some view it as using older eq, with the one or two newer units that were picked up as salvage. I look at it as if you want a newer CAV or Tank or such, to steal it.


in the end its all about style.


Mad Pat

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I don't tend to make any real distinguishment between Pirates and mercenaries; in my mind, its a matter of who's perception your accepting, the "pirate" or the "Pirated".


Could be a matter of underground resistance having to loot a depot for supplies needed to continue their fight.


Could be a contract from a competing government or business, for a raid, why not take the opportunity to loot.


Could be a matter of survival, could be just out of sheer nastiness.


Basically, you want to remain expeditionary, fast and mobile. Why, because under normal conditions, your pirates aren't gonna what to stay any given area for extended periods of time.


They'll probably operate from some type of transport, so the bulk of their forces are expeditionary. Bro, before you conduct any sort of landing on anyworld, you'll want to recon first, so yeah lots of gunships, transports. CAVs would probably be limited to the number of dropships they have, and bear in mind, some of that cargo space is reserved for the booty.


Attacks would have to be quick and staggering, they have to be in and out of their target area before local militia/law enforcement have time to mobilize. seldom would they be in the situation they would have to conduct a defense, Lest things have gone horribly wrong.


larger pirate groups may have several ships, but highly unlikely to be working together to conduct a major assault, even if they have the capability. War losses could be staggering since they're not going to just walk up to the nearest store for supplies.....


Probably would have a collection of mismatched units,probably fitted with whatevers available (as said before). New or Old, doesn't make a difference really, think about it, a true criminal will go after something of more value before he goes for the mundane stuff. They probably would have lots of new equipment, just not the means to always keep them in mint condition should they take a beating.


They would probably have incredible technicians, able to peice together a Rhino using straws and Duct tape. expect lots of supporting "cells" working intelligence before the attack to pick out the easiest target for the biggest gain. Infantry would probably be no less than veteran, (probably weed out the greenies through trials and stuff) but I wouldn't expect too many elite or Aces. (probably get shot before they gain that kind of experience)


Thats my 2 cents.

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