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One last thank you! ReaperCon 2023 edition!


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ReaperCon 2023 is in the books!


First, we'd like to thank all of the attendees who traveled from far and wide to make ReaperCon a success. When ReaperCon started in 2004, we had no idea it would become what it is now. ReaperCon attendees are some of the best folks in the hobby industry, and we have come to think of you guys as family.


  • Attendance: ReaperCon attendance is up from last year from 1290 to 1344. We're very happy with those numbers, but we are still recovering from the 2020 Covid shutdown. Let's see if we can get those numbers higher in 2024!
  • Games: Our gaming section continues to grow with record numbers of Gamer Badges sold this year. Our very own Joseph Wolf ran our upcoming Dungeon Dwellers RPG for several attendees, along with fellow DDRPG GMs Chris Lewis, Glenn Harris, and Daniel Canizares. A big "Thank You!" to those guys. We'd like to recognize Michael Kirk and the Pathfinder Society, for their work, as well as the independent game masters who brought a ton of games to ReaperCon! Thanks to all of you! A shout-out to Kevin Bender for managing the Board Game Library too! 
  • Volunteers: thanks to our army of volunteers who help us keep things running at times when we simply couldn't do it ourselves! Thanks to Cheryl Storm and Jay Ragan for those invaluable airport pickups, general errands, and ball-juggling!
  • Exhibitors: We'd like to thank all of the exhibitors for providing so much cool gaming gear to our attendees! Kris and Mona Marquardt helped us wrangle all of our exhibitors, and to them, we are incredibly grateful. Thanks to these Exhibitors: Black Site Studios LLC, Board and Brew Games, Bombshell Miniatures,  BrushMX Machinations, Daedalus Studios, DGS Games, Frog God Games, Galladoria Games, Ignition Core Games LLC, Jakob Janssen Studios LLC, Kawna Minis, Mechanical Mind Studios, Conflict Horizon, Midknight Heroes, Moonlight Minis, New Comet Games, Pocket Jacks Comics, Scale 75 USA, Southpaw Crafts, Swordfish Islands, LLC, Texas Wargaming LLC, Turbo Dork Exhibitor, Unit3d Art & Gaming, Warlord Games, and Wyrm Forge.
  • Reaper U: Reaper U classes provide the backbone of ReaperCon. This year we taught 124 different classes by some of the best painters and artists in the hobby, and we had over 1500 students take classes! Thanks to all of our instructors: Aaron Lovejoy, Andrew Pieper, Angela Imrie, Anne Foerster, Bob Ridolfi, Bobby Jackson, Brice Cocanour, Brien Piersol, Cara Curley, Carrie Michael Cosby, Chris Spotts, Christine Van Patten, David Diamondstone, Derek Schubert, Drew Olds, Erin Hartwell, Gene Van Horne, Geoff Davis, Glen Phillips, Greg Zuniga, Jason Wiebe, Jeremy Doss, Julie Guthrie, Lauren Cowles, Lyn Stahl, Michael Genet, Michael Klieman, Michael Proctor, Michelle Farnsworth, Rhonda Bender, Ron Vutpakdi, Shoshie Bauer, Simon Kingaby, Tish Wolter, and Yeji Kim. We'd like to thank Max Dunbar for the fantastic work on the ReaperCon Iconics and and 2023 Sophie artwork, and so much more! You guys helped us make a great ReaperCon!
  • MSP Open: The MSP Open surged in entrants this year! Each year the MSP Open continues to impress, showcasing some of the industry's best miniatures painters and hobbyists. ReaperCon 2023 had a fantastic 1086 entries from over 388 entrants—a record for ReaperCon! We'd like to give a HUGE "Thank You" to our administration team of Debby Lewis, Mengu Gungor, Kit Pierce, Alison Liu, and Jennifer Wojcik who tirelessly cycled through all of the entries. Our MSP Judging Team had the daunting task of going over every model in the show, scoring each one carefully to determine its award. Thanks to Head Judge Michael Proctor and his team of judges for their long hours of meticulous judging. Overall, we awarded 79 Gold Medals, 128 Silver Medals, 246 Bronze Medals, and 106 Certificates of Merit. Congrats to everyone who entered! We had several manufacturer awards including awards from Darksword Miniatures, Bombshell Miniatures, Scale 75, Talon Games, Moonlight Minis, Midknight Heroes, Warlord Games/Trenchworx, and DGS Games. For all photos and award winners, please visit https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2023
  • Hobby Hijinks: The craziest spot at ReaperCon! Andrew "Ludo" Lechner and his team of volunteers did an amazing job at running dozens of events, and we're super thrilled to have had him donate so much time to these events!
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center: We'd like to thank the friendly folks at the Embassy Suites who run the cleanest, friendliest, and most accommodating convention space we could have ever hoped for! The staff at the Embassy Suites and DCC are some of the finest people we've ever worked with, and we are so happy to work with them! Thanks especially to Darlene Villa, Katelynn Dempsey, Megan Coy, and all of the other amazing folks at the Embassy Suites!
  • Food Trucks: Thanks to Fast and Furious and Bobaddiction Food Trucks for their delicious food, and Game On Dallas for the super fun retro arcade!
  • Reaper Staff: Finally, we'd like to thank the staff here at Reaper Miniatures who worked especially hard to put on a great show. Special thanks go out to Bill Yowell, Jacob Stern, Connor Hawkins, Caleb Lyons and Kendall Stern for their work at the Reaper Booth; Kevin Williams for his "Dungeon of Doomhollow" game; Dave Pugh for cycling hundreds of attendees through the shop tour; David Harper, Courtney Smith, Bonita Riolo, and John Hayes for helping all of our attendees at Registration; Jon Overton for his social media expertise, managing Tabletop.Events, and general ringmastering; Darryl Roberds for helping us get things printed and painted; Frank Schumaker of Knightheart gaming for the streaming and recording; Katie Sommer for taking care of and setting up the classrooms; Cindy Lindahl, Bruce Lindahl, Erica Wallin, David King, and Michael Bidgood and the entire production, packaging, casting, and shipping teams at Reaper Miniatures for moving mountains of miniatures and paints to get everything produced for ReaperCon. Our production team is the heart of our company and keeps the blood flowing! 

    If we've missed anyone, we're sorry! So many folks helped make this such a successful event, and we couldn't do it without you!

ReaperCon 2023 Team


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On 9/7/2023 at 11:15 PM, Corsair said:

@Reaper_Jon did they get the missing minis back?

I have not heard anything on this front. We're hoping with the images being out there that, people will catch them if they are posted or end up somewhere unfavorable.

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