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SPACEFUTURE! The Men (and Women) From MERCURY! (Chronoscope Space Princess, Hydra miniatures, Nolzur's Crag Cat)


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"People of Earth! Greet your new liberators!"




Meet Xurr the Exalted, of Hydra Miniatures! A spaceman after the mold of Ming the Merciless, a conquerer striding from world to world.




Meet his intrepid son Xor-tan! Hydra again, this a lightly modified 'Buster Gordy' given greenstuff gloves and a cloak taken from a Nolzur vampire hunter.




Meet his lovely wife Xenovia (Hydra again; I've painted this model as a blue Imperial before) and his dauntless and beautiful daughter Xana (probably my favorite of the Bones Chronoscope expansion set; absolutely a gorgeous pulpy sculpt)!




You know what they say--the family that CONQUERS together, is STRONGER together!





The royal chariot (repurposed from a Fortnite "Human Bill" toy on clearance):





Those crazy kids:




A tense meeting with the Venerians:




I get the vibe that Xurr is an ambitious, intriguing despotic vassal of MARDUK THE LIVING GOD--perfect for a Starscream-style role. There are aesthetic overlaps, but enough differences that I didn't want to make these minis more Imperials. Plus, it's always fun to make new colors of humanoid spacemen!




Xurr and Marduk may clash, but their consorts get along remarkably well together,




Contact with the Galacteers of Earth;




And of course, we couldn't forget the family pet! Skullcrusher here is a Nolzur's Crag Cat, 




What a good kitty.




These were fun! Great excuse to use some Vallejo fluorescents. Hope I can find more minis in a suitable style to swell their ranks!

Keep watching the skies, cadets!

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