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SPACEFUTURE! Return of the BRAIN SQUIDS! (Edo Primelings and new Destroys Nulls)


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The BRAIN SQUIDS! Psionic invaders from another continuum! Wielders of strange powers! Masters of DEEP TIME!



We've seen some of them before, but Bombshell has recently put out some new sculpts, including the high-ranking Edo Primelings:





These robed hierophants are given charge over weighty matters of strategy. Here are the two new plastic ones and the old metal version.



Another Primeling, with  collar of office and Rod of Authority, with the new version of Destroys Nulls, helmeted and given a Mind Scepter. 






(Notice, the new version is slimmer and smaller than the old Destroys Nulls, below, although much fancier)




Here's the whole crew of new Primelings and Dominators:




And a group shot! Hooray!



The scenery is from a playset from Avatar: The Way Of Water. Found it on clearance and it was money well spent! 

Finally got to introduce my players to these tentacled creeps the other week. The ray guns served as Ontological Disruptors--essentially removing a character from existence for a certain number of rounds. The perfect tool for chronological meddlers! 

Hope you enjoy, and KEEP WATCHING the SKIES! Guard your BRAINS!

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On 9/9/2023 at 2:48 PM, Rigel said:

Hope you enjoy, and KEEP WATCHING the SKIES! Guard your BRAINS!

Finally, someone who understands the dangers of MIND SQUIDS from ANOTHER DIMENSION, and I feel vindicated in having that metal plate installed in my skull.

On another note, those crystals on those staffs are awesome, and the bright colors are stupendous!

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