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SPACEFUTURE! One-Eyed Monsters (Hydra's AQUACLOPS and Bombshell's Eye Slug)


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Life! It flourishes in manifold forms on a thousand thousand worlds! 

Some of these worlds, for whatever reason, don't go in for depth perception very much. 

Introducing the mighty AQUACLOPS! An armored brute with the strength of ten men!




(We have seen the Little Creeps before.)




I feel like pretty much anyone who encounters a Little Creep wants to pulp them with a huge rock in short order. The Aquaclops is no exception.




In fact, that is its preferred strategem. A good call when faced with the deceptively fast-striking venomous Eye Slug!




(The Eye Slug, from Bombshell's Sidekicks line, is another excellent canvas for eyeball practice.)






What the heck, let's get some shots of our Mercurians in here! The Princess is Chronoscope Bones from the expansion, and I hope she makes it to the main store! A perfect vavoomian Barsoomian. 




And as a bonus: I found a Pandora setpiece on the clearance rack, and it has a button that lights up UV LEDs. I've been using Vallejo fluorescents for the Mercurians and Aquaclops, and also to brighten up the green women of Retro-Venus. Turns out this really pays off!






Opens up a whole world of possibilities!

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