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Glumer Games – Mystic Days: Caldwell Edition


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I have a Kickstarter to share. Glumer Games’ Mystic Days: Caldwell Edition.




Mystic Days is an OSR style, lethal medieval fantasy RPG. It is not a clone of one of the editions of D&D, or another D20 or D10 system. It is a roll-off system, contested rolls, where the die rolled is based on the ability of the PC or NPC. Combat is exponentionly faster than other systems. Weapon choice matters.

The game does not have any classes. You build your character how you want, based on the skills you want to run.

The game does not have any levels. PCs advance by doing. Characters improve by successful and failed attempts at actions.

Magic is not limited by levels or spell slots. Risk vs reward. How much universal energy is your character going to risk harnessing in order to cast a spell?

Extensive tables for crafting magic items, enchanting objects or creating unique spells.


Curious? Free Quick Start Rules were put together before the Kickstarter for people to try:




Download the Q1: Quick Start Rules for running the game. Download Q2: Quick Start Rules Players Only if you're not running the game. There is an adventure in Q1 and pre-gens in Q2


I am the chief illustrator for the interior artwork. The covers are graced by the art Clyde Caldwell. They are images that he still owns the rights to that he created for several covers of Dragon magazine. Mr. Caldwell licensed the images to Glumer Games for this revised edition of Mystic Days as well as the various products that bear the images. There is a tier for a limited number of Box Sets that he signed, and half of the money from that tier goes directly to him.

The game creators, are two cousins who used to play 1e and 2e back in the day and were dissatisfied with how different rules of the game really slowed down game play. They made house rules to speed up combat as well as other aspects, intending to make their own game… Suffice to say 30yrs later, during the lockdown, one of them found all the old gaming stuff and they used some of their free time to update the game.

This is their 3rd Kickstarter. The 1st one didn’t fund, but they learned a lot about the market and received good feedback. They went to a lot of cons and showed people how to play, ran games, got more feedback. The second KS funded and is being fulfilled. That version has been play tested and taken to many cons too. This KS is 200% funded as of today. The game has been revised some more and more people joined the team. Like me, I draw. And Ron Christopher who brings another 300+ monsters, spells and magic items from his book "Ron's Old School Compenidium" which is in Amazon, but I don't know if I should link it since it is not part of the KS and I don't want to break any of the forum's rules ;)


Another thing I should mention, especially for this forum, is that we have partnered with Iron Wind Metals. We are offering as add-ons Iron Wind Metals: Ral Parth Legacy miniatures. They are offered in packs of 6, 8 and 10, which breaks down to $4.66 to $4.00 a mini, before shipping. The owner of IWM is also putting together some long lost dragon sculpts that have not been cast in over 40yrs that will be added to the KS.

The Mystic Days creators are working out a few stretch goals for Mystic Days miniatures to be made by IWM of some of the unique monsters and races.


But yeah, I've typed plenty, thanks for reading. Here are some pics.



Screenshot 2023-09-11 194454.png

Screenshot 2023-09-11 194518.png

Screenshot 2023-09-11 194526.png




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uploaded updated art and a second piece.
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We hit two of the Stretch Goals. Iron Wind Metals is going to fabricate "Mystic Days" miniatures. Based on my drawings! Pretty cool.

These three Tomte ( a hobbit like species, every fantasy world has to have them, right?) the knight, the scoundrel and the archer.




Our favorite dwarf, Gruelok Headsplitter



As well as this monstrosity the Korrikapra


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