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A Discord for a YouTube channel I rather enjoy (RisingApe Minis) has a themed challenge every now and then, and this month's was effectively summarized as "paint something green."  Having never really done such in the past (it's a colour I seem to avoid for some reason), after going through indecision on a few minis I wound up going "hmmm, this Pathfinder Red Dragon keeps getting put back on my desk," so I looked at my paints, picked a few and decided to just dive right in, and let the brushes dictate things as I went.  Y'know, like my usual strategy, as I'm more of a "go with the flow" kind of painter than one that's incredibly organized (despite many seeming to think I'm that way because I'll start with a basic idea, although it's usually nothing more than "I want these guys to be red" or "hubby asked for purple and blue...")


Anyways!  As far as I can remember, it's had my typical prep of black primer, followed by a Warm Grey drybrush and then a drybrush of Bright Ivory.  This one also wound up being a test subject for ProAcryl Black Wash, hence why it looks a touch different than my usual prep.


Paints used during initial session: ProAcryl Dark Warm Grey, Dark Jade, Jade, and Turquoise.







Initial goals with this were to start with the wings so I could figure out a basic plan for the overall colours, and sketch in the initial lining.  Lining started getting rough near the end because hands were shaking a decent amount by the end of it all.  Sometimes they cooperate and let me go a long while, other times not as long.  Either way, I did manage to get some basics sorted out, and hope to come in with cleaner lining on the next session.

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4 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:

I never thought of doing a wing pattern like than, ill keep it in mind for my next dragon - 
I have a bunch from KS 5 that need paint. 

I originally followed what was sculpted in, and then added from there.  Some were errant brush strokes, but I liked how they added to things.  Others were stippled in.


3 hours ago, Neatpete said:

 Vibrant color. This is going to stand out on the table for sure. Have you figured out what the secondary color will be?

At the moment, I'm thinking most of the scales will be based with Dark Jade, and then I'll work highlights up from there, it's just working out how to keep those two separate shades of green there without having them blend together, or having the scales be too muddied or dark.  There is also a strong likelyhood of a wash with Gamblin Pthalo Green or Pthalo Emerald mixed with Chromatic Black will be involved, or even the possibility of a Dioxazine Purple oil wash.

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