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"Gramps" 1776 Knight.


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4 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

I agree...inspired idea for a conversion (and very well-executed). That shield is particularly cool and I really like the color scheme on his armor.


He sounds like he was a great character, too. 

thanks, the armor was me just playing with the shiny paints from reapercon swag.
I don't even remember what magic armor Gramps wore,  he had some, but it might have just been the highest+ he could afford. 
in 4e almost every item had some cool power -  the only edition that made +1 no power weapons/armor/defense rare. Eventually characters could get too many, but each one was special by itself. 
I don't remember the specifics, but his shield also healed allies.  It was only a level ~6  item, so the revolutionary shield is obviously and overdue upgrade. 


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On 9/19/2023 at 4:11 PM, Rigel said:

Love this old coot! The chest full of medals is a great touch and of course that shield is genius. 

 i dont understand why the halloween knight had that chest ornament, anyway.  I cut a similar one off another bones figure this week, just removing all the plastic that did not match the shape of the armor below it.  ie sculpting with knife. 

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