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Concerning 30135 Morbids, what are Morbids?

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Just saw this miniature set (30135 Morbids) in the shop.  Not familiar with such a creature.  What are they? What are they from?  They have the "human" tag among their tags; they do look mostly human but they all have monstrous feet that make them seem inhuman. 

Are they in the Dungeon Dwellers RPG or are they from somewhere else?  They're in the Bones USA Reaper Legends product line. 

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4 hours ago, alchemist said:

Prevailing opinion seems to be that they are meant to be meazels, albeit rather chunky ones. (A D&D monster that has been around at least since the days of AD&D 1e Fiend Folio.)

One of the Morbid minis has a length of cord in his hands, presumably to strangle an opponent, which has been a signature move of Meazels since the Fiend Folio version, so I suspect this is accurate.

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