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GHOULS! Paul Muller Ghouls! - Bad Squiddo Games - *Funded & Fulfilled*


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If you've known me at all over the years, you'll know that aside from my passion for good femme representation and guinea pigs, I'm actually a massive fan of ghouls. I collect ghouls! And things that look like ghouls! All the ghouls!


Paul Muller is my number 1 dream ghoul man, he's made all my favourites.

About 4/5 years ago I got in touch with him and we released the first set of ghoul mothers, which are....very horrifying - in the best ghoul way!


The last horror campaign we did, we added some more Muller ghouls, and he got ghoul fever too and has sculpted us a whole bunch of them since then, that we're going to Kickstarter!

Aside from ghoul ladies which I'm obviously a fan, we have ghoul men, ghoul children and even some ghoul teenagers. And ghoul pets! Fun for all the family!*

*I've actually put a warning at the start of the Kickstarter as Bad Squiddo are known for our family friendly lovely things, and this campaign does have some dark themes as it's very much an Annie campaign, so if that's not your thing, there are ghouls eating babies and guinea pigs and things, so best not to scroll further.

I don't think any are as grim as the ghoul mothers (the original pack) so there's that!


We've got artwork from Patrice Rameau and lovely paintjobs from Andrew Taylor and John Morris.




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He is totally the ghoulmeister!

I've been taking photos all day, heading back now to upload them all as my office internet is rubbish, then back tomorrow to sift through and see what's good, and then try not to show them all at once - there are some crackers!

Me earlier going "wooooo photos!"




And one of the pics, I love them! I've been photographing them in all different settings to show how you can have a ghoul for all occasions!



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Hey Joe!

There's 10 ghouls and two ghoul pets initially, and perhaps a few more depending how well it goes, as well as some extra horror minis by Shane Hoyle, and maybe some badass ladies to fight back the ghouls.


It launches tomorrow! I'm mucking about with some more photos which I'll be dribbling out (ew), but in the meantime.... Paul has finished The Ghoul Matriarch and she's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen!

Here's a tease!



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Yay thanks Egg!


Thank you, thank you! The ghoul-a-ning has begun! All hail the ghouls!

I am very delighted that you appear to be almost as excited by ghouls as I am, or just backing the project due to fear - both valid choices.

The first stretch goal has been unlocked, at £3000! Hooray!




This 28-piece resin set is perfect for building your spooky scene straight away. We've taken parts of many of our spooky scenics, to put together in a fresh mould so you can have this variety without having to spend a fortune on all the full sets. You can do that as well though,  if you want! To add this set to your pledge, increase it by £35.

I'm really happy with this set, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. If this is popular, I'm more likely to do this with other themes of our sets later on.

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It's pootling along nicely! I'm extra appreciative of anyone who shares it to... anywhere! As social media at the moment is on fire, it's hard to get anybody to see anything. Also it's a lot more...nude than the usual Bad Squiddo productions!


We're on Day 3 of the Wonderful World of GHOULS, live now on Kickstarter. Something especially wonderful about ghouls is how they fit into every scenario. Any era can be jazzed up with some ghouls, not just your classic fantasy horror.

Here, much like a herd of guinea pigs around a large, freshly discovered vegetable, the ghouls have swarmed this downed plane in the midst of WW2.


This scene features not only our fresh ghouls from Paul Muller, but also existing ghouls from Andrew May and snuurg, which you may have missed the first time around.


Diorama base by F4freddieterrafirma, backdrop with permission from Handiwork Games . Minis painted by Mystic Spirals Miniatures , Warpfiend Studios , Andrew Taylor & Ralph Plowman. Photo by Annie Norman.





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Hooray, we had a nice bit of activity this morning and have almost unlocked Chopper! We might have even unlocked her by the time you read this, fingers crossed!

She's temporarily nicknamed Chopper..... but you know what happens when I do that, it's never temporary! Sculpted by Shane Hoyle, She is single piece pewter.
You can add her to your pledge by increasing the total by £5.



Something we don't do TOO often, is a backer number pledge goal.

We also don't give TOO much away, being a small company we can't afford to, which is why the best deals are usually the bigger the bundles you get.

SO, at 140 backers (fingers crossed again) everyone at Fresh Ghouls pledge level and above will get a FREE MODEL. A FREE MODEL! We've just cracked 100 backers, so let's spread the word and get that number up, this mini is lovely.


What's next after this?


More minis! These (and the above) are minis that have already been sculpted, which is why they are before MORE GHOULS in the unlocking order. As I'm hoping these will help bump the total up enough to be able to afford more ghouls to be sculpted. It feels weird to say, but this is how Kickstarters were always supposed to be.

I LOVE these ladies below, I still haven't decided whether they will be separate goals or a single two pack yet, but by the time we've got this far, we'll be able to free Paul Muller from his dungeon to sculpt more ghouls. He has the putty and the tools, but he's currently locked up. Could "Free Paul Muller from the Dungeon" be a stretch goal? It'll be something like £5,500-£6,000, so not far off! I'd like the ghoul unlock to be a pack of THREE, which would most likely be £12.



Blackjack Legacy


At 9pm UK time tonight (Monday), I'll be on Blackjack Legacy, it's a really chilled-out show, great people in the chat, basically a bigger version of my Sunday Morning Coffee!

You can watch it live, or at a later date if you can't make it.


The last day of the Kickstarter is this Sunday, where I'll be at Partizan - a convention in Newark, UK. I don't have a trade stand as I'll be helping Fenris Games, but I'm also on the prowl for more ghoul fans. I'll have a ghoul t shirt on, and actually have some of the painted ghouls with me, and some casts! So if you see me - come ask about me ghoulies!


Thanks for reading, I hope your Monday hasn't been too painful!

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Hooray, Chopper has escaped the holding pen of stretch goals and is now rampaging around unlocked! To add her to your pledge, just increase it by £5.

And I am very excited to show you the next one....


Classic Adventurers!


These look like such a joy to paint. I know they're not ghouls, but I'm hoping enough people who love ghouls will love these, and it'll push us that last bit to being able to get more ghouls sculpted by the end of the campaign! The greater good! There's just REALLY COOL minis too, and I can definitely see them jumping through portals chasing ghouls around through different eras and places. There's definitely a homage to some classics in their design too. Sculpted by Shane Hoyle.


You could increase your pledge by £8 if you want to help unlock them, we're not far off now! Woo!








If we get to this point, we will have another set of THREE ghouls, sculpted by Paul Muller. Unless he goes really wild with the design, they'll be £12 for the 3. I'm excited that it's looking more likely we'll get there now. Thank you everyone who has been sharing the campaign around, it makes so much difference.



and a couple more of the photos I've been playing with on those Jon Hodgson backdrops, with my terrain collection, and just a camera phone!





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Wahey we had a nice little surge last night (thank you!) and it unlocked.... the Classic Adventurers! Please do tell your chums about these that might not have peeped due to ghoul aversion, as they are a bit of a hidden gem.



And now we're currently only about £250 away from unlocking.... more ghouls! Hooray! It's actually happening! I was worrying we were too far away but it's looking more and more doable, so much that Paul Muller has made a start. SQUEE!


As it says on the image, the photo here has three angles of the same ghoul - only one has been sculpted so far! But he is beavering away on the second ghoul, as we speak. I have given him briefs, but for this project, I have let Mr. Muller use my notes as a baseline, and if he feels a specific ghoul calling, he can sculpt in that direction. So all we really know is that it will be three lady ghouls.


Doesn't the first one look ace though! She beckons you...


To help unlock them you can add £12 to your current pledge, so fingers crossed we get there!


It's not a poo on her base, it's a tester bit of sculpting putty so the sculptor can prod it and see what level of dry it is, without damaging the mini, it will be gone before moulding!

All Kickstarter and no play makes Annie craaaaaazy....

My flyers are here! They are very specific flyers, only for use, in person, this Sunday at the Partizan show in Newark. There are usually around 1000 visitors, how many do you think I'll manage to convince about the mighty word of ghoul over those few hours?



Spoooky Scenic Set

I filmed this video yesterday showing more details of what you get in this lovely set (you can add it to your pledge by increasing it by £35)



A couple more of the photos I've been taking! On the Jon Hodgson photo backdrops, which you'll be able to add afterwards in the pledge manager if you wish!


The farm animals look on with horror as they see another critter have it's soul sucked out.



Thanks as always, especially for this latest lil surge, we can get that RISING DAWN and EXTRA GHOULS out there, we can, we can!

Thank you

Queen of the Ghouls


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Here we go, the final countdown!

And what perfect timing as I have JUST been sent fresh ghoul pics. The best things to arrive unexpectedly in one's DMs.

The final pack to be unlocked, The Ghouls Yet to be Named, now have two [mostly] complete sculpts! They take time, so the third won't be complete until after the campaign has ended (estimated Tuesday), but you can see how brilliant the first two are! You can add these to your pledge for £12.



Three Pewter Miniatures sculpted by Paul Muller. Second ghoul needs her left hand finishing! WIP!


Here are more angles of the latest ghoul. They're rough pics from Paul, and I'm out of the office so I can't do my usual sleek editing. This one will be in two pieces, joined around the waist.






Dawn has now been unlocked.... almost! Well, 139 backers, so hopefully by the time I have finished typing this she will have been!

If you've pledged for Fresh Ghouls or higher, you will automatically receive her free with your pledge. You don't need to do anything, she is yours, woohoo!



I know right, hold me back, I'm out of control! There's no picture yet as it doesn't exist but.....

At last, they will defeat the ghouls, at last they will have revenge.

Well, hopefully. If we reach £7,000 by 8pm Sunday. It's a wild feat, but not impossible! Help the peegs win!

If unlocked, this will be added automatically to all pledges of Fresh Ghouls & Above.



Tomorrow I will be at the Partizan trade show in Newark. I'm not trading as Bad Squiddo, but I will be based in the far left corner of the hall with Fenris Games, and next to Great Escape Games - who are conveniently stocking Bad Squiddo!


I have specially made a mini Ghoul Display Cabinet for the occasion! It's so cute! And you'll be able to see the painted ghouls in person, as well as hold some of the casts in your hands. And talk to meeeee, about ghouls.


There are other erm, stealth marketing schemes going on there that day, which gives me some hope for unlocking that Final Peeg. Watch and see....watch and see....  



Thank you for supporting this, it means so much to myself, and the independent artists also involved in the project, such as the sculptors, figure painters and the graphic artist. Supporting these little ventures makes a huge difference and champions unique & innovative expression. Also, everyone involved is lovely.  


If you don't hear from me before then in this official update capacity, my weekly live show is on at 8pm tomorrow night, yes, literally just after the KS finishes! So you can see a very tired Annie discussing how it's all gone, as well as how Partizan was.  Time to flood this around the internet, and maybe get some of that sleep stuff I hear so much about!

Night night!


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